Exporting both address and the linked name

Bare with me as totally new to this!

We have been working on our knack database for some time and have exported all of our data. I am a data business and sell education data information to educational suppliers. We have our establishment information linked to our contacts. We have tried to export the data back into excel to pass on to our customers but have been unable to export the address information plus the linked contact for the correct record. I have asked a Knack advisor and to be honest we were fairly shocked when she said this couldn't be done, is this correct or is there a work around this issue.

We are not really sure of the use of a multi level database without being able to actually pull all the information out together if you need to for example what if we wanted to mail merge a letter out to customers, how would we do this? We just need to be able to pull out the records into excel.

I just saw your post. I have built multiple complicated databases with Knack. I may be able to help. Do you have time for a call to discuss your database and how it is structured? james@xponentialtech.com