API Call to Linked Records or Accounts

Hello everyone,

We use links extensively within our knack database and are running into an issue when we use an API call from Python to get the linked fields from a record. We get most of the data just fine...except for the fields that are populated by linked objects and accounts. Does anyone have any experience with querying this data directly or is in necessary to create a view with that information and make a second API call?

Thank you in advance!!

When you say the fields that are populated by linked objects and accounts, do you mean there are fields on the record you're calling that point to a linked record (i.e. a formula/equation/summary field) or do you mean the fields that are on the object of the linked record?

If it's the first one, I have found that the order of the fields seems to matter. For example, all of the formula/equation/summary fields need to be listed *after* the relationship field in the list of fields in the builder.

If it's the second one, then the best thing to do would be to create a view (assuming you can pass the view the parent record id) or to make additional calls.