Javascript - reading records

I have a javascript which works well however I would like to be able to read a field from my data to use in the existing javascript.

For example I have an existing javascript that when passed say a number will display some useful information on the screen.  At the moment I have it hard coded which works but is not great since every user will have a different number.

Is there a way to be able to read out a given field?  I found Knack.getUserAttributes() and I got this to work but it would only appear to work for the default fields in the user object ie if I added a field for my "special number" then I could not get access to it but I could access name and email address.



Yes I would like to implement something like this using the API.

Any feedback?

David, we are attempting to (1) read some Knack records via JS and (2) display those record results using a 3rd-party embedded widget, such as the Bing Truck Maps API. Any pointers on where to get started on either reading the API via JS or embedding 3rd party widgets using Knack's methods for adding JS? Thanks, Chris

I'm trying to figure out a way to read this obj in Java and traverse through the object graph like we can with JSON using JavaScript if it didn't have function declaration. Is there any Java library to read/parse a string representing StackOverflow