Execution Order for "Record Rules" Attached to Form

In what order are "Record Rules" attached to a form executed on form submission? Top to bottom? Bottom to top? Are certain types of Record Rules always executed before other types? (i.e. "Update This Record" vs "Update Connected Record" vs "Insert Connected Record")

Hi Ben, I just learned the following from chatting with support.

Order of execution:

  1. Validation rules are executed
  2. Conditional rules are executed
  3. Submit rules are displayed
  4. Record rules that update a record are executed
  5. Formulas are calculated
  6. Record rules that update CONNECTED records are executed

I myself thought (from trial and error), that the Record Rules appeared to be executing from bottom to top. But Knack support says they all execute at the same time, except with regards to what type of Record Rule they are (see above). In other words, support says that the order is not important, but the type of Record Rule is.

A great feature improvement would be to allow us to control the order that rules execute, and also configure certain instances where you want one Rule to complete before another one starts.