Embed to WordPress, Documents Not Working


I’ve created a Knack app where there is a grid of various fields. In that grid, one of the fields is a document link where the document (i.e. PDF) is uploaded and stored in the Knack record. When I use the Live App feature, all functions properly, I can click on the document and the various controls work properly (scroll bar, download button, etc…).

Now, I use the Embed function, copied the code within my WordPress Post and published it. The Live App appears properly within WordPress, but when I click on a document link, the document appears, but I am unable to use any of the controls, scroll bar doesn’t work, download button doesn’t work, etc… I would need to refresh my browser screen for anything to function, and it brings me back to my grid of fields.

I’ve tried this on multiple browsers and the same behavior occurs. Has anyone run into this situation, and if so, is there a potential solution?

Hi @It11 Welcome to the Knack forum. :wave:

Can you share a link to the app here (or you can send me a private message if you do not want to post it publicly)? That way I can inspect it with the browser’s Inspect Element feature.


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Thanks Ian, I’ll send it privately for you to review.

Hi Ian,

Odd, I can’t seem to be able to send you a private message.

Anyway, I decided to test this on another WordPress site that I have, and it works properly there. Not sure what could be causing the issue on the original WordPress site. Maybe it’s a plug-in that’s been installed that is causing the issue?

I compared the plug-ins between the two sites, and here is a list of plug-ins installed on the WordPress site where the embed code doesn’t function properly when I click a document to view/download:

Download Manager
Feedzy RSS Feeds Lite
Remove Dashboard Access
WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export(Basic)
WPDM - TinyMce Button

I can’t post a link to the WordPress site that doesn’t embed code doesn’t function properly as a username/password is required to log into the site.


Strange yeah, it definitely sounds like a plugin or theme is causing the issue (if the embed code is working with other WordPress websites). I would try again with a different theme to see if maybe the theme is causing the issue. Assuming it’s a plugin, then you can remove all plugins and add one plugin back at a time, to see which plugin specifically is causing the issue.