Edit fields need formatting options

I would like much better functionality to control formatting in edit fields, similar to formatting options in tables and other locations in knack. I use a lot of those to make the UI easier for users like colors, adding icons, conditional formatting based on the results of certain fields, bold/underline, adding RichText fields like horizontal lines, etc.

For some functions a LOT of work is done within edit fields (for example, surveys either internally or from clients), and the current lack of ability to organize or format those fields is pretty limiting.

Also there are different formatting options between edit forms and detail forms. I'm not sure why, they are pretty similar in functionality theoretically, they both show details for an object just one you can edit and one you can't. So whatever upgrades are made should affect both. For example edit forms can sort by 3 columns, detail can only split into 2 but can control the width of the columns which edit fields can't. Detail views have the option to hide all empty fields, edit columns I have to create a separate rule for every single field to create that functionality instead of just a "hide all empty field options", etc. The features of both should be combined.