View based display options for forms

Hi everyone,

Following one of my feature suggestions, I think that Knack lacks view-based layout options for forms. It relies solely on object-based settings, which is a shame, as it does not allow the data to be displayed differently depending on the context.

For example: instead of heaving multiple-choice fields having their layout defined within the object’s field settings, these settings should only be considered as “default.” Users must be given the option to override those settings within each view. A field that makes sense to be displayed as a “dropdown - one selection” within a certain context makes sense as a “radio button” within another context.

Another example: users must be given the option to define a field as “required” not only at an object-level but also on a view-level. I don’t understand why Knack forces us to define holistically if a field should be required or not. Again, this depends on the context.

To wrap up, I wish that Knack could move a little bit from object-based settings to more view-based settings, specifically when dealing with forms.

Thank you!

I agree about being able to set the “required” option at both object and field level :+1: