Dynamically Filter a Table or Search

This may be possible some other way than what I am suggesting, but let me explain my goal first.

I have created an app to track information by Office.  (Let's say it's sales data.)  Every User logging in to the app is also associated with an Office.

When the page loads (with either a table or search of the sales data), I want it to by default filter the data that comes back to match the logged-in user's Office.  Note that I am not applying record-level permissions.  A user from OfficeA does have access to sale data for other offices, but I simply want the data on this page to only show data for the user's office by default.

This could either be a limit applied at the DataSource level or an Office filter value applied by default.

One way this might be accomplished is by supporting a variable in the DataSource setting for the table or search, like: 

Office is ${User.Office} -- referencing the Office of the applicable User Object


Office is ${userOffice} -- where userOffice is the name of a js variable that is available in the render listener for that scene.

Of course, any other method of achieving this goal would be greatly appreciated.  Note that I don't believe there is any way to use URL parameters for this purpose, as the values will not be known until the user logs in.