Domain name matching

Does anyone know of a good way to make sure a user’s email address matches what you know their company domain name is? For example, if a user registers that they work for Microsoft, I’d like a good way to be sure their registration email is Thank you!!

Hi Gary,

You can add a Validation Rule on the Email field in the Account object (see screenshot). You would add a rule for every company (,, etc) similar to the rule seen here.


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Thanks so much Ian, as always!!

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Unless I misunderstand the problem I don’t think Ian solution is what you are looking for. You need something that is dynamic right? Ian solution would work if you have a handful of companies you work with because you need one validation rule per company.

I’m actually good with Ian’s solution, and I also built a dynamic solution that uses Zapier to strip the domain from an email and matches it against the known corporate domain and updates Knack if they don’t match. Thanks again!!

Awesome :+1: