Department Specific Document Number Sequence

We have this schema named Documents where a Document No. field is necessary. Adding document number would have been as simple as using Auto Increment but we need to track document numbers from several departments. Each department needs to start their sequence with 1.

This is how it’s currently setup using Auto Increment.

Goal is to have a separate sequence for P&C, PEx and KAM (department abbreviations). I tried creating a separate schema for each department but I can’t find a way to call the specific sequence based on which department is selected. Can’t use conditions when using text formula.

Each of yoir documents is connected to a Department so you could use the below process of counting to produce a sequential numbering system stating at 1 for each Department. Once you have the document count number in your table you can add it into your text formula.

Thanks Carl! Found this thread and was able to make it using the builder but encountered an issue when using the live app. I’ll try using +1 in the count to eliminate the issue with using the live app.

Thank you!

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