Deleting "Client" user account, however still showing as a general "Account"

Hello everyone. I would like to know why when deleting a Client User account in my app, it still maintains that user and holds their email in the general “Accounts”. How can I fully delete a user without having to login to the back end of my app? See attached images for reference. Thanks!

You are deleting the record from the Client Role. As each Account can have multiple Roles you will need to create an page view to show Accounts with a delete link. You can then delete the entire user account which removes them from any Roles.
In my experience I’d recommend simply making them inactive which will stop them from logging in. Once you delete them any records they were connected to become orphans. Deleting them may not be an issue in your case but it’s worth considering whether you need to know who the record was connected to for historical or reporting purposes.

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Thank you very much. I will look into it.