Default filter vs new record

I’m not sure what to think about this. In my Tasks app, I’ve created several layouts that have several different default filters (attached to the data source). One of the layouts is supposed to be filtered to show only tasks whose “do” date = today. On the same page, I’ve put a form (below the Tasks table view) that allows me to create new tasks. What I just noticed is that if I create a new task record that has a “do” date OTHER than today, when I save the record it will still be displayed in the table above, even though it seems to me that it ought to be filtered out. If I click the “Today” filter tab up above, the new record (with a non-today date) will be filtered out.

I’m not sure what I think about this. Perhaps it makes sense to show the new record, notwithstanding the filter, just to confirm that it was created and saved. What do you think? Is this a bug? Or a feature?

Hi @WilliamPorter - Hopefully this will answer your query about using an embedded form that adds a record and refreshing the table on submission of a new record.

Most times I use the option of adding a new record from a menu button, the one I made green in the video. This seems to work best when the page has a number of fields. In your particular case, I think you are just adding tasks so the embedded add form probably works better.

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Terrific explanation, Carl. And you’ve given me a few options to consider. Thanks a bunch.

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Always enjoy your videos

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