Date logic for during previous month .vs. prior months

I am tracking completed dates for tasks which are due within a specific month. Users have a 2 week grace period (in the following month) to enter a completion that was done in the month due. As of the 15th of the following month, the task is still recorded but is late.

In the screenshots below, “Completed Date” is the task completion date and “Day of Month” is the entered date (day).

I have been using the date logic available in record rules (see screen shots) but it is not working as I expected. The results of these two screenshots is that the “during the previous 1 month” behaves like the “previous 30 days” instead of checking for the previous calendar month. I need to be able to check if the completed date is in the prior calendar month and the entered date is in the first 14 days of the month after it was due.

If I’m within the grace period for the entered date (10th of current month) and I enter a task completion date of the 2nd of the previous month, the result is a late entry (it should be on time). If I’m within the grace period (10th of current month) and the task completion date is any time after the 11th, it is on time.

I did try the rolling 1 month option and it behaved the same.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to check for dates within the calendar month prior to a date?


Hi @KathyHiggi39830, your logic is spot on! The behaviour of a form record rule unfortunately won’t be able to pick up the updated Equation field in time to determine the status. I believe the day of month will only calculate after the form is submitted, and not before the record rule is checked.
My suggestion is instead of a form record rule, use the conditional rules function on a table field to determine your statuses. Example below:


Thanks so much for the reply. That explains a lot. I will give that a shot. I’m sure it will fix my issue. Thanks again!

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