Date (from and to) format with Integromat

I’m currently using Integromat to update a Date with a TO and From date and time. When I try to update the record with a new TO and From date and time I get an error that says that the date field is required. I’m assuming its because I’m not sending the date and time in the correct format. I’ve tried many different formats with no success. Attached is a screenshot of the fields in Integromat and I’ve validated that the values are populated. Any idea of what the exact date format should look like.

@LightShiftDesigns - Hey DJ, only being a lowly registered partner for Make, I’d need to set this up and play about with it to try and find the answer, as never had the exact query.
May be worth reaching out to Make support, or try Andy O’Neil via the private Knack Community Slack channel, which you are a member, to see if he can help.
Andy is not very active on this forum due to volume of work.
You can also book a paid session with him if needed.

Andy has an amazing knowledge of Make :+1:


I think this can be achieved without using Integromat.

Can you check the below link for its solution?

Sunny singla

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Thanks for the info Carl. I’m going play around with it a bit more and probably connect with Andy.

Hi Sunny. Well I’m using Integromat (Make) because I need to add multiple duplicate events and just increasing the event start and end dates by 1 day on each duplicate. The process runs much more efficiently in Integromat.

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Just checking to see if you managed to find a solution, I’m running into the same error with the Intgeromat from and to date fields.

Hi Guys, I had the same issue as you. The only way I got it to work was to remove the “required” setting from the date/time field in Knack. I’m not sure on which side the issue lies (Knack or Integromat).