Set end time for calendar based on date, time and duration held elsewhere


I think perhaps the answer to this is already within the community posts - but a mixture of a few. 

I have a integromat trigger that is bringing in the date of an appointment, the start time (say 9:00am). Then for each appointment type (a connected object) I have the set duration of the appointment - e.g. Physio is 30 mins, Driver Medical is 45 mins). I then have an equation field that works out the finish time for the appointment, say, 9:30am. So from these four fields, I want to produce a date for the calendar view that uses the from and to elements so that on the calendar view, it is showing the correct duration, start time and end time for each of the appointments. But, my question is, how do I get those fields in to a calendar date field? I have tried to use an equation field to combine all of those elements together, and then put that in to a new date field using conditional formatting, but that isn't working.

Any help much appreciated.



Did anybody find a solution for this calendar time period issue other than JS? 8947499407

I'd have thought this would've been a feature by now. There must be a way to influence the default time period.

Any update here? Similar function required.  Thanks!!

I have been hoping this would be addressed for years now. The ability to manipulate all calendar data (beginning date, beginning time, ending time, ending date) easily with formulas and equations is a basic function. I can't understand how this still is not addressed. It's very frustrating.

Same here Kim.

Need to combine a simple date + duration = date/time for display on calendar view.

Trying to avoid JS to manipulate a field on a form to achieve it.

Tried multiple equations swapping between numbers and dates and just can't seem to influence the end date of a date field at all.

Hi Mike


Did you manage to get anywhere with this? I've hit a dead end!





Hi Mike 


Thanks for the interest. I haven't been able to do it yet! I'm trying different things but to no avail. If you can put me in the right direction using javascript or jquery I'd be incredibly grateful. I don't know much about them but any pointers I can look in to myself.

If I find a way around it - I'll be sure to let you know.


Hi Kim

I'm about to tackle exactly the same challenge myself. I am building a practice management application for an ophthalmologist and the requirements are the same: 20 minutes for a standard eye test, 35 minutes for diabetic screening, 10 minutes for dispensing etc.

So I am really interested to see how you get on with this! I am resigned to having to use some javascript or jquery but I'd be happy to share my work with you once I'm done if you'd be happy to reciprocate.

Let me know.