Automating a calendar-enabled Date/time field


I have separate fields for Work start date/time and Work finish date/time, filled automatically by rules of actions. I would like to combine these into one Date/Time field with ‘…end time to use with calendar’ option enabled, which can actually store two sets of date/time values. As far as I understand, this would be the key to show the time interval of my finished tasks in a calendar.

I couldn’t find any option to fill the end time of a calendar-option enabled Date/Time field, neither by rules nor by conditions. If I refer to this field in any automation, it seems to be considered a single date/time field only.

Do you have any idea how I could access the end date/time of this field in an automation?

Happy knacks,

Look in Schema under the date field’s settings. It’s the very last option at the bottom.

Thanks Peter. This is where you enable the calendar option. What I am looking for is how you access (write) the end date/time values in automation (eg. record rules, actions).