Custom Javascript to remove an icon if table cell contains text


I was wondering anyone can point me in the right direction with javascript. I'd like to remove an icon from display if certain text appears in a cell of a table.

The cell in question looks contains the following elements.

I'm guessing it should be possible replace

"fa-check-circle" and "Confirm Listing" spans

with just "Confirm Listing" span.

Many thanks


Many thanks Brad

That works perfectly! I wasn't aware this function existed. A very neat feature!


Could you use the table column display rules to achieve this without code?

Something like this:

When there is no "Confirm Listing" the span looks like this:

In pseudo logic, I'm looking for something like this:

If span class "icon-is-left" contains fa-check-circle AND <span>Confirm Listing</span>

-> remove the following icon class

<i class="fa fa-check-circle""> == $0