Add Custom Text to Display Options in Table

Add an option to display custom text in a table cell depending on certain values.

Example: if my field value is “0” then I would like the cell to display the text “there is no value” with an icon. Something like that does not seem possible currently.

The "Set Value" would be best. I realize you can hack it with Record Rules and such, but then you end up creating a lot of fields that you don't need just to mimic a non-persisted display behavior. It's fine when it's 1 or two times you need something like this, but any more and it quickly scales out of usefulness.

Hopefully it's a quick feature to add that will make it on the list soon.

Thanks, Kevin


That covers part of it but I agree a "Set Value" option would be nice too and then combine that with an Icon and you get 100% what you want.

But you can use the "Record Rules" on the database to set any records added with a 0 to then actually be updated to "there is no value" and then use the above with if value is "there is no value" then show an icon as well or instead.



Hi Kevin,

Yes you can, see here:

So if the value is 0 then set the text colour to white (So not seen) and then show an icon and set it's colour.