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Hi team.

Ok, so my business is growing thanks to the power of the knack app I have been able to build a basic but powerful CRM that suits our needs. The gap I seem to have now is how we integrate analytics from Google and facebook to retarget users that we have in the database similar to how Hubspot, salesforce or Marketo and then track them across our website?

We do have Sendgrid triggering emails via rules from
I tried building a simple social media publishing tool from Knack using make but found it sent the items 50 times! I have go back to the drawing board on that…

I am relcutant to use Hubspot or salesforce due to cost and considering how powerful knack is while we are still in Startup mode while ARR is under $1m is there a solution from the community we can use?

Has anyone here had any success or build ideas?

If you’re having challenges integrating with Make I can highly recommend my good friend and college @andyoneil who is a Make genius and an excellent system integrator.

Begin by integrating Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel with your Knack CRM. Both platforms provide tools to track user behavior on your website. You can set up custom events and goals to track specific actions users take, such as form submissions or product purchases. This will allow you to gather valuable CRM data enrichment about your website visitors and their interactions. Since you’re already using SendGrid for email marketing, consider integrating it with your Knack CRM. This will allow you to segment your email lists based on user behavior and preferences tracked in your CRM. You can then send targeted email campaigns to specific segments of your audience, further engaging them and driving them back to your website.
While you had some challenges with your previous attempt at building a social media publishing tool within Knack, you may want to revisit this idea. Look for ways to streamline the process and ensure that posts are not duplicated. Alternatively, you could explore third-party social media management tools that integrate with Knack and provide more robust features for scheduling and publishing posts across multiple platforms.