Adding Analytics to your app

In this video series, we show how to add analytics to a Knack app using a tiny bit of custom-code, a scenario, Google Sheets and Google Looker Studio.

Why use this method?

I’ve found that Google Analytics (& similar) does not play well with Knack because:

  • The code snippets provided by the software don’t register individual page views
  • Knack app URLs are not human-readable

Instead of customising Google analytics to work with Knack (which can get VERY complicated) I developed this alternative solution that is simple but effective. It can be easily customised to your needs.


  • A Knack app
  • A free account
  • A google account (with access to Google Sheets and Google Looker Studio)

Video 1: recording page view data to Google sheets

Code to copy-paste into your Knack JS area: public-knack-snippets/analytics-for-knack-app/code-for-knack-js-area.js at main · CallumBoase/public-knack-snippets · GitHub

Video 2 coming soon.