Criteria for Scheduled Tasks

I have scheduled tasks which search a product SKU and if they contain X Y or Z, then I perform the action for those three products to be allocated to a certain factory. However in Scheduled Tasks it seems I can only use AND filtering and not OR which means I have to create 3 tasks to do the same thing.

Also with the limitation of only 1 task per day, I have to create new tasks from scratch if I want to duplicate them for other times of day… and there’s no copy button.

Am I missing something or is there a workaround?


@MichaelGraham - Unfortunately there is no copy feature for tasks yet. And they only run daily, weekly or monthly. If you want to run updates on a more regular basis I’d recommend using Make.
The other option is to create multiple task events on a daily basis.
Setting up a schedule in Make to look for records which meet a certain criteria is pretty straightforward. :+1:

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I guessed that but I thought it was worth raising it again. I generally use Scheduled Tasks to quickly prove a concept and then do it properly in Make. :slight_smile:

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