Creating Dynamic Filters

Hi there.

Is there any way that you can set filters to create automatically in Grid Views.

For example is there a way I can create a dynamic filter that each time I add a new Company to my system it will automatically add that company name as a filter ina specific grid. This would means that people can easily see grid views based on the company name.

At the moment it looks like if I want to do a filtered view with buttons, I need to create these manually with logic.

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Yes, you’d have to add these as custom filters manually. Unless there is a JavaScript method, but I’m not a coder :man_technologist:

Thanks @CarlHolmes


I invite you to see my Knack Toolkit Library. It’s a free and open source collection of utilities that adds several functionalities to Knack, at the app level (client side). Among many, you have:

  1. User Filters and Public Filters
  2. Bulk Edit/Copy/Delete records.

See all documentation here KTL on GitHub here.
A few KTL Introduction tutorials: Cortex R&D on Youtube

BTW, we’ve been implementing several very powerful and reliable Knack applications for an industrial production company called Morbern Inc. to track all stages of production 24/7. Knack has proven to be very reliable over the last 4 years. I strongly recommend it.


Thank you for sharing this Norman, will take a look.