Create reports based on record history

As a business manager, I would like to be able to display the record history in a report (eg. one row for each change in the record) so that I do not have to manually create this in a new object and quickly fill up my app limits.

Scenario: There is a field (Price) in one of my objects (Teams) that changes based on new records in another object (Trades). Each trade logs what the price is at that point in time. I want to create a report showing changes to price day by day, but if there was not a trade on that day, price is logged as zero. I’m working around this by having a task that inserts a Trade for each Team once a day, but this is not ideal because it leads to a lot of records over time.

Instead, it would be great if we could create a report based on the history of a record. Knack already logs all changes to a record under record history, but there is no way to make that history viewable as a page view or to turn it into a report.

Audit logs are a pretty standard part of any corporate software. The Record History feature basically provides that feature. However, if the data is not available for use it is not that useful.

An example - we have created a ticketing app were daily service tickets are created to log labour, equipment use, etc. These tickets are related to jobs and purchase orders and numerous people may work on the associated records. Ultimately, this information is turned into an invoice. There are times when these invoices are disputed for various reasons. So, having a complete log of the changes made to an object(s) is very useful. Adding an Audit Log tab to a detail or table view would give the user the ability to review what has happened on that ticket and when. In my mind, using the record history information is the obvious choice, rather than re-creating the auditing feature via record updates.


I agree.
A method is also needed to filter out all the rows that are generated when equations/functions recalculate on a daily basis and often their value does not change but a row of Record History is still created .