Create an appointment form and periodical reminders

I’m creating an app to show to patients they medical test results.
As part of this, I need to manage a calendar, were patient can book tele visit appointments with doctors. I see it’s possible to have views to show the existing appointments but I’m not able to see how I can create a form and a linked calendar to allow a patient to look at the availability of a doctor and book an appointmet. I need to use a third party application?
In addition, I need a tool to send reminders to patient at a certain time interval from an event. For example: the patient receive today a test result, and I need to notify it, two months later, that it’s time to book a new appointemnt in the doctor agenda. It’s possible? Very thanks for help.

Hi @Nicola!

Thank you for sharing your question here and welcome to the Knack community!

We have a Patient Scheduling template app that is available to install which could be a good start to creating your custom solution for appointment booking. This template app currently isn’t setup to where patients can book appointments, however, I’m confident that there are custom solutions that our vetted partners can help you with. See our Expert Network here.

Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions about how Knack works as well. You can do so by submitting this form here: Create Support Ticket

Additionally, here is our article on Calendar views in Knack: About Calendar Views

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So, as I understand, there is no possibility to book appointments with Knack.
It’s necessary a third party integration?

What I mean is: if a patient book an appointemnt for today, at 6.00 pm, I would need to avoid that a patient cab later book the same appointment at the same hour.
Is that possible?

You can use a calendar view that includes a new event form to schedule appointments. Currently, date/time fields don’t have an option in the field’s settings to set it to “Must be unique”, so possibly some custom Javascript could be used to ensure appointments can’t be scheduled for the same date/time. Some users have integrated Calendly to book appointments as well.

Ok. There is any direct integration between Calendly and Knack? Or it’s necessary to use APIs?

Unfortunately, there’s currently no direct integration between Calendly and Knack within the product. The use of APIs would be necessary. Here’s a link to Zapier’s page on creating integrations between the two: Connect your Calendly to Knack integration in 2 minutes | Zapier