Connecting Two Views

I’m trying to create an experience were the user searches for a coupon code, it displays a prize, and finally they enter in their shipping address.

I have a Search View and Form View. I can’t get those to talk to each other. I need to hide the Form until the user searches for the code. When the form is submitted I need to Code record to update.

My Objects are Coupon Code and Prizes
I do have a connection setup " This field can connect many Coupon Code records with one Prize record."

Hello Tod,

In the search results, you need to add a link button on clicking that button you open a new form connected to that record. Like we create a view/Edit button in a table.

Sunny Singla

That’s cool. I had no idea I could do that. Thank you!

Sunny, is that under Actions?

Click edit/detail record

Then under the new edit page add a form to create a new record connected to that detail/edit page.

After that delete Edit/detail view or keep it if you want to show some info.

Ok, I’ll try this!!

Sunny, Im really close. I created the Details Form Page. But it created a new record and didnt update the Coupon Code record that was used.

Here is the app

Code: OXfSwTlC

Sunny, thank you again. I figured out the rest. Your suggestions helped so much!

Coupon Code is a text field?

You need to make a conection between those two table. and change this Coupon code to formulla field which get values from main table. Like Price.CouponCode