Clear Connection Values from Form

I really would like to see this fixed. Currently there is no way to clear a connected value from a form. For example, if I have a PROJECT object that contains a connection to STAFF and I assign a STAFF to a PROJECT there is no way to unassign that person except to:

1) Replace them with another STAFF connection.

PROBLEM: We won't always have another STAFF person to connect to.

2) Create a NULL STAFF record and assign them to that.

PROBLEM: This is a hack which then screws up our formula which counts how many projects are unassigned. Because we have assigned a blank record it will think it is assigned when it is not.

3) Go in the backend and clear the field.

PROBLEM: Our users don't have access to the backend so it then requires a manager to manage this.

This seems like a fairly common need so hopefully others feel the same and it can be fixed.

Thanks, Kevin