Set default value for connection

Enable a default value for a connection field in the database using the same options available on record updates (i.e. current time for dates, logged in user etc).

Create a settings object.

Add a field/connection (to accounts)

Configure a settings record (select the default accounts you wish to be notified)

Upon submission of other records, connect them to the setting record you created (form rules)

Use record rules to copy the value of the field you added to settings, to update the field in your existing object

*using this method i have configured setting(s) pages where app users can choose who will be notified, etc. they can change when whenever they wish (and this option is secured by a role)

Yeah, I'm really surprised this is missing. And I can't find a way to set connection field values using javascript, at least not in a way that the user can see and change during record creation.

Maybe you need a button which creates a "default record" of status "pending" and then takes you to an edit form which, on submission, changes it to "confirmed". But then my defaults have to be hard-coded in to my javascript, which means no one else will ever work out how to change it in future if required, it can't be done from the builder interface.

I have particular forms that should cause an email notification to be sent, by default, to the same three people. However if they're out the office (occasionally), I want the user to be able to choose other people to notify. I don't want the user to have to enter these names every time!