Change Field Color if connected record contains "today's date"

Hello! I need help with our food pantry checkin system.

Each pantry client is an object
Each pantry client is connected to a “checkin” object

By clicking an action link on the table, our volunteers “checkin” each client and a “current date and time” is added to the connected “checkin” object

What we need is simple: When the “checkin” button is clicked, I’d like for the text to either 1)disappear or 2) change colors … so volunteers don’t check in guests more than once.

I tried to set the display rule to change the text color if the connected record is “today’s date” but that won’t show up. Any ideas on how I can make this happen?

How about using a second action in the action link to also update a latest checkin date field in the client record and use a display rule based on that.

You could then either change the colour or even guide the link so it can’t be clicked.


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I think @JulianKirkness has a typo, guide = hide :+1:

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Julian!! Thank you. That worked perfectly. Such a simple (but brilliant) suggestion & change made all the difference.

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