Change Column Colour if Date has Passed

Is it possible to use ‘Display Rules’ to change the column/row colour if the date has passed. I have a submission deadline and I’d like it to turn amber if within 2 weeks, then red if the date has passed.

Any help is appreciate! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @AnthonyF - I posted this on another thread about a year ago, which should answer your question.


Hi Carl,

This is great thank you - I wonder if you can help with another issue. I need the column result to turn red if the ‘Submission Date’ is today or has passed. Currently, it shows red all the time.

These are the options I have selected currently.

As a no coder :technologist:, I’m afraid I can’t help further. As you’ll have seen from the video I had permission to produce the short tutorial. Hopefully a coder will be able to assist.

Tagging two active forum participants and very capable colleagues to see if they can help you. @StephenChapman @KnackPros

Cheers Stephen :australia: or Ian :us: if you’re able to help @AnthonyF further :+1:

No code required @CarlHolmes @AnthonyF !
Your display rules can be set up like so:
EDIT: Fixed incorrect date field.

Here is the result:

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Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your response, unfortunately, I don’t seem to be getting the same outcome as you. I’ve included some photos below:


Currently the Submission Deadline is 08/11/2023 & Complaint Date is 28/10/2023. Seems to work if it’s the same day, but not following week, etc.

Oh my mistake! I chose the wrong field in my example image. My Start Date and your Complaint Date should just be the Finish Date field again (i.e. Finish Date is after today).

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