Display Rules applied to Table Row

As a Builder, I would like to be able to set up some display rules on tables at the view level and then choose which fields those rules get applied to. Currently I have to copy / re-setup those rules on each column I want to apply it to.

Having a table-views with a lot of display rules (one is 30 fields that all have 12 displayrules), it would be nice to be able to copy a field incl. display properties, and be able to thange the field (source) of te column

PS. Note that in the new builder a copy function is added the copy displayrules in within the column

You could set the css via JS:

document.querySelectorAll(".kn-table td.field_XXX").forEach(item => {if(item.querySelector("span").innerText == "COMPARE-VALUE") item.style.backgroundColor = "#e31d13";})

Hi, I have the same problem too. is there any update or progress on this matter? Maybe using specific CSS?

ABSOLUTELY - this is a MUST HAVE feature.  I have tables displaying 8 columns of project status and I have 6 statuses...so to setup color-coded rows for each status, I have to touch 48 display rules and set the background colors.  Recently I had to change 2 of the status names, and had to go back and adjust 16 display rules.  


PLEASE ADD this feature to adjust the display rule on ALL fields (columns) in a table!  That would be fantastic!

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Just want to add support to this - I’d like to format an entire row based on the contents of one column, but at the moment that means copying the rule across multiple comments which is needlessly time consuming, but also deters updating the rule in the future. This is a really important feature in my opinion that is missing just now.

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