Change Dropdown Text for Connected Records without changing title/settings


I have a connected field where they can all have very similar titles, this makes sense in the context of where they are normally viewed, but when being selected from a dropdown, it can be really confusing.

I wanted to know if there is a way to change the dropdowns to use additional information other than just the field set as the display title.

For example I have a SKU field so it would be great to be able to to do the Title - SKU without affecting what is displayed everywhere else.

I have some ideas of how to do this via custom code but figured I would ask here first.


Thinking out loud, the easiest way is to use the field settings for what you want, and change the display of that field elsewhere in your views and pages using connections where you don’t want “Title - SKU” displayed.

The hard way with code would be:

  1. Add a table to your view that includes the equation field of “Title - SKU”.
  2. Hide that table with JS or CSS.
  3. Loop through all the dropdown entries and swap the text for the corresponding “Title - SKU” field in JS. I think the entries contain IDs that’d be used to link the two sets of data.

This approach would fail for more than 500 entries where the dropdown reverts to a search box though.

Anyone else with a better idea?

Thanks, I just have that field displayed in so many places that changing it for this one drop down would be an overwhelming prospect.

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