Can't add a grid

I have an order system - it’s for a small real estate office. The Idea is to have agents create an order for some services provided by an external source. House pics, drone footage, etc.

Using the “Purchase Orders” Knack App to get the internals set up - things looked good.

The Maintenance page allows someone (to be determined) to add items/costs to the Catalog. I added a grid with in-line editing…

Then I have the order system. Agents would create an order. And then pick items from the catalog to add to the order.

Create the order - works.
Order Detail - works.

Then I need to add a grid of the Catalog Items, with an “Add to Order” button. However, when I attempt to add the Catalog grid the catalog will not add.

Any Ideas?

Hi there!

Thank you for sharing these details, however, it’s difficult to say exactly what’s causing you to not be able to add a grid view here. If you haven’t already, please consider reaching out to our support team for assistance with this. They will be able to take a look within your app directly and see what’s causing you to not be able to add a Grid view to your page and will be happy to help you with this and any other additional questions you may have! :slight_smile:

Have a great week!

I ended up using a “Form” to add items. So I have a work around.

Thank you very much for the help!

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