Cannot work out why I can't access specific fields from other tables

Hi there.

I learnt that in order to make a database run faster it is good to keep things in separate tables.

So I have

one table called

Campaign Details with fields

  • name, length etc

And another table called “Type” with fields.

  • format, placement

I have setup connections between the tables but when I then create a page with a form it asks me for a table source and I select “Campaign Details”.

I would logically expect that within that form it would list all the fields that are set on TYPE, but I don’t the field except for one which is the auto-increment field for the table. IE it returns 1.

Going around in circles, so if anyone knows what I might be missing?



First, make sure the CONNECTION field is placed in the Campaign Details Table if you have not already. You only require this single connection, you will not need a reciprocal connection in the Type Table.

Click on the Type Table settings. Here you will find an option to set the Display Field. This is the field that will appear in the Connection field (drop down) in your form once you create it. If it is set to display Auto Increment, you can change it to the field of your choice.

When you create or edit your Campaign Details form, you will now see the Connection field and it will display the field you have selected in the display field settings.

Hope this helps, but reach out to support if you have additional questions.

Thank you Steve.

I can see that when I do what you say I get a field that is the DISPLAY FIELD set on the table. TYPE.

Within that “TYPE” TABLE I have other fields such as “Campaign Status” “Offer Placement” these are also multiple choice.

It seems to me that in order to be able to access more than one data point in a table within a form I need to

Either include all these fields ina single table, or create individual tables for each data element so it can be linked via the connection function.

What I was hoping is that there was a way that you could create a form that would have connections to specific fields in specific tables.

I was reading that from a performance stand-point it i better to have each data item separate so that when searches are performed it is quicker to do lookups. I am not sure I am keen on the idea of having to have lots of tables holding single value data points if that is what I need to do.

I can see that for each table I can set a “Display Field” that is the field that is pulled in when a connection is being made and that it seems there is no way to access other fields in that table when a connection has been made. Maybe this is how Knack works. I also found a video on YT explaining connections but it didn’t really help explain how connection relationships work.

Thanks for your help, I’ve sent this all to support so I will see what they say.

Text Formula Link to the other file you can select the fields you wish displayed singularly or as a constructed result.

Main file in this case has the link key to the file with the required information.
In the image the blue fields have been selected from the dropdown fields box to construct a complex result with line feeds as well (though its weird using
to force a line feeds) Red is added extra text that I want displayed

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