Can you edit a file field with Knack record data?

Say an .html file is uploaded into a File field. Is there any way natively to allow Knack to edit the .html contents with record data?

Hi @Michael8 - I’m not sure I understand your specific use case, however, you may be able to achieve some type of editing of an html file using Integromat to download it from AWS via the http module and then manipulate the html file.

The idea is I have a record containing data, and a connection that contains additional data. I need to take this data, and by some means, convert it into an .html document displaying an SVG Map.

I’m going to try something today, perhaps it is possible to generate a .txt file in Google Drive and then convert its contents into an .html file. I doubt I can modify the file once generated, but it isn’t a large .html file. I’d expect around “50 generates” per instance.

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