Trying to support an SVG map display using record data

I’ve worked to design an SVG Map to display a map to our users of all the available stalls left to book at an event. Now, I need to find a way to either embed or integrate said map into our Knack app.

The initial plan was to hard code the entire HTML into a Text Equation, pull data from the record fields as needed, then copy the end result over to a Rich Text, but this does not carry in the css and js markups I have made. I attempted to put these scripts into their corresponding files in the Knack Builder settings, but the pages completely ignore the instruction.

I also attempted an iframe connection which does work, but the issue is it has to embed a file and I’m currently unsure how I could host the html file on Knack in such a way that the app could actually make constant edits to the file to reflect the record changes.

(Also I need to edit the popups to not go off the page at the top… haha)

Any thoughts?

Hey Michael,

Can’t you simply append this using jquery I did this

$(document).on(‘knack-view-render.any’, function (scene) {
$(‘view_***’).append(‘put your html in here’);

Remember if you break to the next line you will need to include \ from the end of thee line it breaks from inside the html.

Hope this helps

Well the issue is the HTML can change based on the record data, unless this can be run from inside a Rich Text view.