Can I split one invoice into two payers?

How do I split one invoice into two, ex: two payers. I am building an EMR and the invoice is partially paid by an insurance payer and partially paid by a patient payer. I need to take one invoice and split it into the respective payers, essentially creating one invoice for the patient and one invoice for the insurance.

Hi @mccartneykelli,

Welcome to the Knack community, and thank you for asking!

A good start to nudge you in the right direction would be to share our support article on Create a Print-Friendly Invoice Page. Separate pages can be created for the insurance payer and the patient.

If you have specific questions on the how-to’s for building this out, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our onboarding team. You can do so by scheduling some time with them during their Office Hours to get some tips and tricks on how to best use Knack for your use case.

Happy Building! :slight_smile: