Calendar View

It would be useful if the size of the calendar view could be controlled. It would make an appealing screen layout much easier to achieve in my applications.

Currently, if I have a calendar on screen the user typically has to scroll vertically to see all of the calendar.

Could it be made to behave in certain ways? For example:

  • Display full screen
  • Display fixed size
  • Display full year (similar to iCal)

You do have a little bit of control using the CSS editor.

Maybe - try playing with something like this?

/* replace with your view # */

#view_179 > div.knack-calendar.fc {

height: 75% !important;

width: 75% !important;


and it would be great if you could also select what day the week starts with... i.e. Monday or Sunday. and also include the calendar strings in the translation.

In general the calendar view is ready for some tweaks like this, and I’d add the ability to set the time durations displayed for more control as well.