Calendar Permissions

How do I set calendar permissions?

I want certain users to be able to add/edit events and other users to only be able to view calendar events.

A way to do that would be to use the user roles.
One page accessible to userrole1 with add and edit options. Another page accessible to userole2 with only view options.

(or same page with Display rules based on the user role for the “edit” and “add new” options)


Display rules on the Edit/Add only allow me to hide fields. So they get a blank form?

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Oh, right, you cannot hide fields in the “Details of the apointment”, so my solution doesn’t work. My bad.
Then adding a page only accessible to user-role2 with edit and add options is probably the way to go.

Okay thanks. Maybe that’s what I have to do.

In the mean time my ugly solution is to use a page rule on the edit form: if the role does not match, return to the calendar.
Disable Add events on the Calendar.
Use a separate Add button with a form using the same rule: if the role does not match, return to the calendar.

They need to address this.

Whatever works for you.
For me different users have different needs anyway (for instance not the same information or colours displayed in the calendar) so my practice is to pretty much always create different pages anyway. And since it’s easy to export a “View” from one page to the next, it really isn’t that hard.

It seems even when I use the two-cal method, I still can’ cleanly suppress edit functionality. I still have to use a rule to redirect the user to the parent page if the y click “edit”. I do need for them to see the record detail.

Finally realized I can delete the “Edit/Detail” links from the popup.