Calendar - Disable dragging for past events? (COVID19)

We are using the calendar to help with managers planning for when their staff can come into the office to ensure we comply with COVID requirements in the UK.

Has anyone found a solution to the following:

1. Disable dragging or at least the selection of past events in the calendar

At the moment we need to ensure that previous events cannot be moved forward once they have occurred otherwise we could have an issue with track/trace plus records created via an API off the entered event the day before may become incorrect.

2. Is there a way to run a rule on a drag occurring i.e. insert connected records or shall I continue to look at this via API

Hi Andrew - Javascript needed if you want to lock down past events but allow future ones to be dragged.  Otherwise prevent drag/drop altogether and have users edit events with forms so you can use Knack's native form rules to control past and future event editing.

A quick look at fullcalendar's API reveals events around dragdrop you could tap into: and I imagine checking date when dragging started, if in the past then cancel.

I just ran a quick proof of concept of this using Integromat. While dragging is still possible, the historical event would not stick to the new date but rather would activate an 'undo' and return to its original position. 

let me know if you want help -