Calculating NPS

Hello everyone.

I have a survey whose results get sent to my knack app for my client to view and respond accordingly. We would like to show them their NPS (Net Promoter Score). The NPS itself isn't a problem, but they're asking if it's possible for them to calculate the NPS themselves for a specific date range. Currently, we have the overall NPS and then an NPS score for each month.

The survey results are stored in one object and we have a connected NPS object that counts the number of surveys and handles the equations. My problem is that I'm not sure how to make the date a factor that they can choose themselves rather than something we've already defined.

Any help would be appreciated! I'll provide any additional information should you need it!

Try inserting a report (line graph or pivot table) with an accessible filter for dates. The report would need to display data from the survey results and the table row for the pivot table would need to be the client's name. Any equations from the parent object would need to be also placed in the survey results.

My email is if you need more detail.