Calculate Future Date

I would like to be able to add a number of months to an equation field.

For example, I am creating an HR database and one function will be to keep track of employee reviews. There will be a review in the Hire month (date of hire is a field and I extracted the month from the hire date) but there is a 1/2 year review.

Hire Date - 9/17/2011
Review Month = September (used formula field)
1/2 Year Review = Review Month + 6 months


I read elsewhere that it's because it's too difficult which seems ridiculous. It is harder than days weeks or years though...

Months should be there - it's probably the most often needed option!!

I'm with you Julian... scratching my head trying to understand why there isn't a month option.

You can get pretty close to this in a calculated (Equation) field - but for some reason, Knack allow you to add Hours, Days, Week or Years only - not months!!

The following screenshot shows a calculation to add 26 weeks to a date:

I'm not sure why Months isn't an option as I would think it would be the most used! (Knack??)