Calculate # of months between two dates and use result in another equation

I want to calculate the number of months between two dates (contract begin & end) so I can then use the # of months in an equation. I managed the following work around:

Field 1: Calculate # days between the two dates

Field 2: Take the above result and divide by 30, set to no decimals and round down. That worked for figuring out the number of months, the problem is when I tried to run the third equation in another field

Field 3: {$ Sum of line items } / {the # months from Field 2 above} the problem is I am getting incorrect answers eg. $500/1 = $486

I think the problem is that the equation in Field 3 is using the unrounded version of the Field 2 equation - but I cannot get it to do otherwise. I can't carry just the new rounded number to another field because a) it has to be a number field and b)the number equation does not give me the option to choose that field.


Hi Tara - if you haven't already solved this, could you send us a note at with this information (including relevant Builder URLs) so we can take a closer look with you?