Calculate mileage distances

Is there a way to calculate driving distance to an address? For example, if we wanted to calculate distance from a set point (Seattle, WA) to an address in the field?

@Dan - You may find this post of help:

I watched your video last night, and that’s what motivated me to post this question. Love your videos!

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If I can jump in on this thread and extend the premise a little, has anyone used a route planning app? We’re currently exporting a list of stops in CSV format to Excel and then manually pasting it into RouteXL to find out our best way to route all of the stops.

Would Julian’s method of using Make be the simplest “no code” method to automate the process once the export button has been hit?

Did you get anywhere with exploring route planning? I’m looking at similar issues for a project app.

Elaine, look at RouteXL . It’s free to try/use and might have what you’re seeking.