Bulk deletion of specific set of records

My first app is quite a simple one and the customer is only only the BASIC scheme.

We have a customer and we have multiple transactions which, when the file is finished will be deleted from the system. Currently we have to delete the parent then delete the transactions one by one.

Now I understand we can't do a one parent-many child delete easily but I am trying to find a way to automate this functionality. Currently they flag the parent for deletion then delete at some later event. Next they retrieve child records which either contain no primary parent id anymore (system deletes it automatically) or a text formula to a delete flag on the parent file no longer returns a result.

Either can be used to determine which ones should be retrieved using the filter.

But deleting the multiple child records line by line is a pain in the butt !

Any suggestions ?

I would like to see the sort of functionality as is available in the builder level for records with a check box at the start of the line and a delete button hich will remove all those checked see below from manual).

Deleting Selected Records

When viewing an object’s records in the builder, you can also delete a selection of records by using the checkboxes next to the individual records.

Once you have selected your records, use the Delete button at the bottom of the records table. This will delete all records that you have selected.