Automating Monthly Statistics

I’m using Knack to manage memberships of a club.
I have an object - Membership Statistics - that is manually updated every month with a snapshot of counts of different types of memberships (Individual, Family, Honorary etc). This is done via a page where a query creates a table by a filter on each membership type, and displays the count for each table. At the bottom of the page is a form where we manually copy these counts into each field on an edit form and on pressing Update it adds a new row to the stats record.

It struck me that this should be automatable. Can anyone point me in the direction of what I would need to do to create a task that on running (once per month), will get a count of records returned by a set of queries and create a new row in the statistics records?


Hi Greg

In general, Knack will only give you stats like this though Sum and similar number features which rely on connections in the database. I don’t think this would work in your case because these are snapshots per month I think?

My choice would be to use Integromat, running a monthly ‘Scenario’ to calculate the required figures and creating a monthly stats record. You could use a series of Knack Search for Records Modules with criteria to select the types of records you need and then create a new record in Stats using the Number of Bundles figure from each search as the value.

Please contact me directly if you would like help with this.


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Hi Julian,

Thanks for the tip. I was hoping to be able to do it within Knack itself, but from what you are saying that’s not possible.

We already have a number of actions via Zapier integrations - is there anything special about Integromat, or would Zapier provide me similar control? I would prefer not to take out yet another subscription if possible.


Hi Greg

I would really recommend anyone to use Integromat instead of Zapier wherever possible. It really has far more functionality especially in terms of processing multiple records at one time (which would be required here). I have written a number of posts about using Integromat with Knack which you may find useful:

Increasing numbers of Knack Experts (members of the Expert Network) like me are also Integromat partners and use it on a regular basis as a no code automation tool for Knack - not just an integration tool.


Hi Julian.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will take a look, and have a read of your posts too - look really useful.