Appointment SLOT

Hi, does anyone have an idea as to how I could populate a field to say MORNING, AFTERNOON, EVENING based on the time of day recorded in a date field?

I cant find any FILTER or criteria that uses the time rather than the date ... any ideas would be gratefully received :)


Andrew Steele

UK Knack developer and user.

Hi Neal,


yes it is a bit tricky but I will use 'AM' as a filter for MORNING appts, and then it makes it easier to sort out the AFTERNOON and EVENING ones.  There are no crossover times then as they dont work after 7pm so i can use PM and 1,2,3,4 etc

I think it will work, but I will experiment this week.#

thanks for your help and interest.


wow, sussed it out ... 

create a text eqaution based on the last 7 letters of the date/time field 


this gives an answer of 12:15am for example

then create a text field with conditional filters

if field contains a certain string then set field to 'Morning' etc - seems to work but needs a lot fo conditional filters - I will try to refine further.


Hi Neal,

yes I cant find a way to isolate the time from a date/time field otherwise your method would work fine, and all the filters for the fields are based on date.

Ive tried a SLOT object, but the number of days and slots and people needing them means the record count would be enormous.  4 slots per day x 5 days per week x 100 representatives.