API Latency

Has anyone else found the API latency to make it such that sometimes it is almost un-usable? By working with Knack we determined that using any kind of summary field (where it counts or sums values from child records on the parent record) in conjunction with the API basically just doesn't work. It causes the typical response time for the API call to take anywhere from 5 to 45 seconds. So the fact that you can't really use those two features of the platform together is pretty absurd.

But even without using summary fields the response time for even a basic call like creating a record sometimes takes several seconds which may as well be an eternity from a user standpoint. If it doesn't happen within a second or two users assume it's broken.

Knack has been completely incapable of offering solutions to this problem that yield predictable/reliable response times.

I totally agree. It's very slow to update records too. It takes me almost one minute for a single inline edit. If I do a batch update, it will crash.

Any news from this side? It is still true in 2021.