API CameraTag does not load if I do not refresh the page

Hi guys,

I am not a developer and I am learning by doing some simple stuff on JS especially for some API on Knack. I hope I can get your help on this! :-)

I am using an external API for a camera recording tool and this is the line of code used in the JS API:

LazyLoad.js(['https://cameratag.com/api/v13/js/cameratag.min.js'], function () {
console.log('You now can send a Video Pitch');


I have also added a Rich Text section in one of the views as follows (for obvious reasons I am not showing my ID here but I did add in the final HTML code):

<p><camera data-app-id="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" id="myCamera" data-maxlength="120" data-minlength="10"></camera>


If I access the page as a user through the menu the camera does not load. I would need to refresh the page for the camera to load and work.

If I use inspect console I get this message:

cameratag.min.js:6463 ERROR: Please load cameratag.js from cameratag.com. See http://cameratag.com/v13/docs/camera_embed

If I reload the page, the console shows the same error but also a new message "You now can send a Video Pitch" as console log. and it works.

What's the mistake am I making?

Is there a way to refresh the page from code instead of doing it manually?