Adding account fields to a registration page


I find the Accounts and Roles a pain. My app has a few roles, and some users can have multiple roles - so if you want common information on that user - e.g. a mobile phone number, it needs to be added as a field in the Account rather than the role - this makes sense.

The issue i have is when a user registers as a role, you cannot populate an account field on the form. Is seems odd that you cannot add fields from the ‘to be’ created account that the role will be sub-assigned to at registration. I guess i could create a role temp number filed which then gets copied over to the account filed upon submission and then a daily task run to delete the original temp mobile entry in role, but this seems like a big hoop to go through for some simple user data gathering at registration, which makes me think I’m missing the obvious setting etc.

any insight would be handy thanks


Hi Andrew,

If I’m understanding you correctly, you can solve your issue by creating a form that adds an Account, and use that as your registration form.

Then you can create different forms for each role and set the role with a Record Rule.

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thanks for reply, but i do need to create the account with a role form, as initially a self registered user starts as a certain role, and can then be allocated other roles etc. although i’m now thinking i could create an account and then could be able to add role upon submit as action etc. - that would be easier than copying numbers with tasks etc.

thanks for sugestion

Yes, that’s correct. The form would add an Account and set the role with a Record Rule.

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