Action Links: allow access to connected fields on "insert connected record"

On an action link "insert connected record" action, I'd like to be able to access connected field options as are available on record rules with "insert connected record" on an edit form.

For example, as in the Project Management template app, Tasks are connected to Milestones and Project.


On a view of a specific Milestone record, it's not currently possible with an action link to set the connected Project value as is set on the Milestone record when setting up an action link with "Insert a new connected record": " a new Task connected to this record (Task > Milestone)".


Seems like you could use to accomplish that.

We have the same request. There is no known workaround to this missing functionality (other than to not use action links). You may use form rules -> record rules for this purpose. This most likely means more screens and clicks for your app users which is unfortunate.

Absolutely need this. Our Case Study is as follows (for a Beauty Salon):

Customers (object) of the salon have their Appointments (connected object). When the Staff member (Object) goes the the Appointment to mark it as "Paid with cash"/"Paid with card" (Actions) then it should Insert a connected record to add Loyalty Points (connected object) as well as update the Appointment record as paid and then the relevant multiple choice.

I hope this helps explain a scenario where it is extremely useful for us!

Does anyone have a work around in the meantime?